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Hurricane Protection in Boca Raton, FL

We Help You Prepare for the Storm

Despite all the beauty we’re surrounded by in Florida, living here has its setbacks. One of the most substantial ones is the hurricanes that roll in every so often and cause destruction to homes and properties. At A-Christian Glass, we pride ourselves on helping you prepare for these natural disasters by providing you with enduring windows and glass to ultimately reduce your risk of damage when a hurricane strikes.

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

A-Christian Glass is a proud supplier of sturdy impact glass, which is the primary way we protect your property from hurricanes. Impact glass is fracture-resistant even in the most violent of weather conditions. Why does this matter? It’s not only because of the cost of window replacement. 
The worst damage that hurricanes can do is done through broken windows and doors. Broken windows on your home allow rapidly moving air to rush in, which can cause an internal pressure difference and take the roof right off your house. Impact glass blocks out pressure, acts as a barrier from harsh winds without the shaking and keeps you and your family safe and sound.

Going Beyond the Impact

Impact windows and doors offer benefits even beyond fracture and shatter resistance. This material defends against burglary due to its tough, sturdy properties which make it difficult for thieves to break through. Many people don’t realize that it can also protect you and your family from harmful UV radiation by blocking it out 99 percent effectively. Impact glass is even able to block out exterior noise better than traditional glass.

Don’t Compromise

If you’re worried that you’ll have to compromise beauty for safety when you switch to impact glass — you won’t. We believe you deserve both at an affordable price. Rest assured that the impact glass we carry is both aesthetically pleasing and strong. 

Board-Up Service

A-Christian Glass goes above and beyond when your family has already suffered the trauma of home damage inflicted by a raging storm. Our compassionate servicemen will gladly provide board-up service when your windows and doors are no longer a barrier from the world. This service will effectively prevent further damage from water intrusion and thieves.
Give us a call today if you’re concerned about the integrity of your windows and doors. We’ll provide a free consultation and help you switch over to impact glass if you decide to proceed.